In the beginning...

There was nothing (except God). Or the Word. Depends on which of the two Testaments one prefers. Although, coming to think of it, “nothing” is a word (as is “God”), so, technically, there might not be an immediate need to pick sides just yet.

This blog has been in the making for some time, partly due to time constraints, and partly due to the intriguing challenge of writing for a broad and (mostly) unknown audience. As is the case with all new things, intentions are much safer to state than predictions. So, in the mythopoeic spirit of the opening Hogfather quote, this blog is intended as an in-progress venue for thoughts, intuitions, ideas and observations on topics that have caught my attention or that are otherwise of particular interest to me. There will be musings on philosophy, politics, linguistics, music and generally on life (plus the universe and everything) in a messy intellectual and social world. But hopefully there will also be much rejoicing, while I make things up as I go along.

(The blog currently does not contain a comments section, mainly due to my limited programming skills. If anyone has an idea how to make iWeb play nicely with a third-party comments provider and is happy to walk me through the installation process, send me a word and I’ll be happy to incorporate it - with due credit to that kind soul).